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04 July 2010

I could really use a wish right now

Last night after the fireworks, Jake claimed he saw a shooting star and made a wish.  I told him not to tell anybody his wish and maybe it would come true.

I instinctively knew he would wish for money.  Excited, he ran up the ramp of the dock and said, "should I tell you my wish?"

I said, "no, it won't come true."

Abbey said, "give us a hint."

Jake responded, "a really hard one, one of the letters is N."  He ran back down the ramp.

Abbey and I conferred.  I told her he wished for money.  I felt disappointed in his wish, yet I understood.  Last week he bought a wallet to keep his money in.  After he paid for the wallet, he didn't really have any money to put in it, so he's been doing chores, and making bets, trying to fill his pocket.

I said to the Goose, we could make his wish come true.  She said we needed to be sure that was really what he wished for.  We called him back.  He offered another hint.  "N is the 3rd letter," he said.  I assured Abbey we were right.  She, still not certain, asked him for another clue.  He said, "O is the second letter."  I explained to Abbey that we couldn't guess it or let him give it away, or then we couldn't grant it.

I guessed, "It's a pony; you wished for a pony."

He giggled, "No it has 5 letters."

Abbey and I gave up; we had the information we needed.  His wish would remain a secret.  We whispered our plan.  When he fell asleep we would put an envelope with $5 on his pillow.  Abbey colored it with the words, "Shooting Star, Your Wish Came True."

When Jake woke up, he found the fulfilled wish.  He couldn't believe it.  He said he wants to see another shooting star tonight.

Abbey made some magic, and I smiled.

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