23 June 2011

Jr. Sea Turtle Patrol

Jake participated in the Turtle Training @ Folly - check it out.

22 June 2011

The Bullet

Jake, John and I threw the football while the sun set over the river and the aroma of the drunken chicken escaped from the grill. I officially gave Jake permission to play organized football in a few years if he chooses. While I might like him to be the kicker, I think he has quarterback in mind.
One more bike ride around the west side and dinner would be ready. Jake jumped on my Ellsworth, a real treat indeed, and declared, "Call me the bullet. That's my new nickname."

11 June 2011

Ukulele Songs ~ Eddie Vedder

"Can't Keep" Eddie Vedder from Ukulele Songs

i wanna shake, i wanna wind out
i wanna leave this mind and shout
i've lived all this life
like an ocean in disguise
i don't live forever
you can't keep me here...
i wanna race with the sundown
i want a last breath that i don't let out
forgive every being
the bad feelings, it's just me
i won't wait for answers
you can't keep me here...
i wanna rise and say a-goodnight
i wanna take a look on the other side
i've lived all these lives
it's been wonderful at night
i will live forever
you can't keep me here...