13 July 2012

Adamantly Declined Loss and Damage Waiver

Almost a month ago I wrecked the Escape.  I rented a car from Hertz, and the agent tried his hardest to sell me the LDW (Loss and Damage Waiver).  He insisted if anything went wrong I wouldn't have to worry about it.  He also tried to sell me a tank of gas at a discounted rate.  Nonsense! I told him.  I don't need any of that.  I'm not leaving the beach.

My insurance company called me earlier this week and told me that my rental limit for the car I was driving expired on Friday.  So today I called Hertz and this is what I said:

Today I'm supposed to bring my rental car back, and here's the thing:  I was backing into the garage and I scraped and buckled the back quarter panel & bumper into the concrete wall which also cracked the taillight, and the surfboard that was hanging out the window hit the same wall and bent the window frame.  So I was wondering what I'm going to need to have with me when I bring it back.  And one more thing:  Some voles, they're like rats in the marsh, climbed into the ceiling of my garage and ate a hole in the water pipes creating a water leak that flowed down onto the car.  The wet sheet rock is a little embedded in the windshield wipers.  I didn't take it through a car wash because I can't get the back window up.   I was kind of hoping you could give me the estimate before you turn it into my insurance company; I might be inclined to just pay for it.