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08 March 2011

The Same

For lunch: chicken yogurt with pecans, grapes, and celery
pondering a lesson in words
others also sit and eat, everywhere
and muse the same
and make plans for a funeral
the guiding word assignment
and a birthday
beginning and ending with define a moment
my word perception
I stand in front of the mirror, cold from death,
blowing dry my hair,
the red barrel pointing down my back, warming me.
I change into a sweater
the temperature on the dash 63
contentment, the project
Ash Wednesday, sacrifice, reflection, unity
Pancakes for dinner, and ice cream for desert
It's one of those nights
lyrics, speeches, the bible, my life, the media, other cultures
Genuine, authentic, kindness,
a man with ease
he lived it
others before self
giving away a car, a Camelia for a bowl
naming the trees that line the yard
forgetting their names
carving wood and smiling
the 23rd psalm over a fresh grave in Beaufort
a walk in the woods, tadpoles
evolution in a drought stricken pond, adapting
rocking chairs and twigs
gathering branches for a fire
Devious not sinister, layers
unfolding with the uncertainty of metaphysics
I knew so little
suffering, mercy and peace share space on the tip
of which I am.

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