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29 March 2011

Results of Clemson Triathlon 2011


Started Mt Bike Course and Crossed Finish Line
Clyde Wood0:59:56m60
Tommy Wilkinson Relay1:12:02relay
Douglas Bonnoitt1:12:10m30
Melissa Butts Relay1:12:19relay
Zachary Keister1:12:56m20
Bib #981:13:00m40
Erin Browne1:13:04f30
Adam Bennett1:13:51m30
Luke Weimann1:13:58m20
Richard Spahr1:14:48m40
Boddy Wood1:14:59m30
Randee Bagwell1:16:53f30
Aaron Motley1:24:16m20
Bib #1001:25:44m40
Team 2.5 Ray and Katie Felton1:26:57relay
billy mccracken1:27:06m 40
Bib #991:30:39m 40
sandy johnson1:33:29m 50
Derrick Webber Team1:34:09relay
Purpose Driven 21:34:20relay
Edward Kizer1:36:04m40
Eric Goodwin1:36:44m30
Michael Kennedy1:37:04M50
Purpose Driven 11:37:46relay
Joe Ettershank1:37:56m40
Todd Lausch1:41:14m40
Steven McBride1:43:23m40
Clemson Tri'ers1:45:08relay
Larry Griffin1:48:10relay
Dennis Barr1:49:44M50
Christopher Lausch1:50:41M40
Lucy Wilkinson1:54:24F30
Jonathan Viklinetz1:55:15M30

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