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30 March 2011

Everything matters. Nothing matters.

I am insignificant, a dot mixed in with all the other specks
eggs hatching into breakfast or birds that will learn to fly
and yet I care to matter.

Love gives
my daughter,
holding her, staring, smelling, caressing, humming promises of perfection
chi, karma, others before self
I don't deserve her, gentle, kind, silly, balanced.
giggling over a nonsense word, crying because of a frog
Doing everything and nothing and not caring to matter.

Sons own their mothers. My mother makes sense.
A glance up from an unfinished dinner plate
piercing blue through my skin to the soft layers
of muscle that wrap around him
banishing the monsters from this moment.
Dark places exist.

Less stuff is better than more space.
My head is crowded; my house is not.
Flexibility, Mercy and Forgiveness

Money makes life easier, paper and
nothing stays,
liberation initiates changes
accepts it on its terms
moves through it with ease

The mirror doesn't create an image;
the mind does.
Broken, blood dripping from my knuckles, Drowning,
out of town, my ego behind me
books before me, Tolle, Buscaglia, Throreau
spinning into the next dimension
cartoons for acquaintances

Integrity pushes through for a front row seat
sitting behind arrogance, greed, duplicity

Truth tarnished by reputation cries
a voice dangling under the sea,
gasping at delusion, pride, myth
just doing right

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