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01 September 2010

Today I began the 30 days of biking.  I biked from school to EarthFare to have lunch with John.  Going down Lockwood to the Ashley River Bridge was a little stressful with the ghost bike parked at the bend @ Mason Prep.  The only other tough spot was coming off the bridge where the lane splits.  I needed to cross 2 lanes, and ride with traffic to the light.  The way back was intense.  There is no bike lane on the 4 lane bridge going back into town and the center of the bridge is a metal grate.  Visions of the River Street Railroad Tracks in Savannah crash make me blue knuckle focus as I ride across.  The lane that goes under the bridge on Lockwood back to the Marina is pretty cool (it might be a sidewalk, but I think it's for bikes.)  The trip down Broad, over to Tradd, all the way to Meeting is a breeze, a hot and beautiful breeze.
The real challenge will be this weekend.  I'll need to take my bike to the mountains and squeeze in a few minutes.

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