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07 September 2010

Biking Day 7 et al

I almost missed my 7th day of biking.  I needed achy, stuffy head, fever, chest cough, medicine today but didn't have any.  After school I came home, declared every man for himself night, and went to bed (5 pm). Occasionally tossing and turning, I thought about the bike ride I didn't take today.  At 9 pm, my sweet babies came in to kiss me goodnight; if I don't ride my bike now, the 30 day challenge ends I told myself. After Jake fell asleep, I drug myself down to the garage, jumped on my faithful cruiser and set out for my starlit spin.  First I noticed the smell of the marsh, fresh and cool, not the mucky odor of the hot day.  Then I noticed the sky, the reflection on water, and the light on in a lone dining room up the street.  The breeze was better than any cold medicine money could buy.  I shivered, either from fever or exhilaration.  Nevertheless, I rode my bike, watered my banana peppers and remain committed to the challenge.

Last night when we got home from the mountains, Abbey, Jake and I cruised the neighborhood.  It felt good to be home.  The mountain bike experience this weekend clarified one very important thing for me - I'm a beach cruiser kind of girl.  While I am certainly capable of an adventure on the Trek - I am not in shape for it.  The two bike rides in the mountains went like this:  I stayed in a cabin 2 hundred yards up a 90 degree hill from John's family cabin.  I rode my bike down the hill, past John's cabin and back up the other side (in a U shape), then back down and back up the 200 yards to my cabin.   My legs hurt, I struggled to breathe through my already belabored lungs (allergies) and I parked the bike next to the porch.

I hope the next 23 days of biking bring a little more distance for me.

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