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03 September 2010

Biking Days 2 & 3

My Electra Amsterdam rewarded me again on day 2.  Yesterday, after lunch at the most delightful holistic soul food restaurant, Alluette's on Reid Street, the cafes namesake, Alluette, made lima bean soup with bits of spicy red pepper that infused me with a nutritious joy that made the tips of my fingers tingle.  The almond toast overflowed with crispy air.  The food alone would have been enough to make this place my home kitchen, but the company trumped the taste buds.  Alluette's smart, witty bantering conversation entranced me.  John and Aluette's brother witnessed a serious energy transfer, and I left, invigorated.

Not needing a reason to, but having one, I then rode my bike from school, up Queen Street, through Harleston Village, around Colonial Lake, across Colonial Avenue and down Tradd Street, cutting over to Gibbes, then back down the Lane to Meeting.  The slow leisurely cruise centered me.

Tonight the bike called, but allergies weighed my head down.  After eating pizza at Andolini's at the breezy outside table, I decided a spin around the island would have to do for day 3, and then I would rest my achy neck, but one spin is never enough.  I rode around a second time, weaving through the breezy stars, my light didn't work and a car was coming down the causeway or I think I would have made three loops.

I'll leave the cruiser behind and ride the mountain bike this weekend.  Whether a quick spin, or a little trail, the Trek is coming down off the wall.

1 comment:

  1. So nice.

    This summer when I met you, I was, as you know, staying in my son's apartment near Market downtown. I walked everyday before coming to our class. It was lovely, and at that time of day (6-ish A.M.), almost no one else was around. Charleston was my own city. I envy your riding there daily.

    But I like you enough to wish you well on this adventure.