31 August 2013

For my sister on her birthday.

Forty-five years ago today, my mom did one of the best things she would ever do in this world.  She gave birth to her oldest daughter Kim.  And in the way it is with child birth, my mom knew that her baby was the best she had to offer God.

My sister radiates kindness. She possesses all the gifts I desire: sincerity, goodness, faith, love, joy.  No mater her situation she always tries to choose the most right thing.  She forgives.  Her heart guides her and she checks it against the facts.  She's smart, but she doesn't care if anyone knows it.  She works hard, and she succeeds. She makes no judgments, so she doesn't notice if she is being judged.  I trust her. She knows the worst of me and still loves me. She's a big fan of the underdog.

Her advice is always get over it or keep it simple.  She says yes. She sometimes mixes metaphors, and she can make me laugh.  She listens.  And she builds people up.  And with everyone she meets, she identifies a need and tries to fill it.  She's generous beyond compare.  

If ever I thought about having another child, it was only that I would want Abbey to have a sister like mine; Jake already does.  If ever there is goodness in me, it is because I'm trying to be like her.

I hope everyone has a Kim to share life with.  I thank God for her everyday.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister.

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