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12 August 2013

Building Blocks

2013 has been a summer of building.

Abbey volunteered at Salkahatchie.  She worked as part of a team that replaced the roof and the floor of a home.  She was covered in fiberglass one day and slept on a gymnasium floor for a week.  She carried a little tool box with her and in it was her father's hammer.  When she came home, she told me not about the hard work, but about the mother and her sons that lived in the house.  She said it was the best experience of her life.

This was Jake's project.   
Ian at the Mike's Bikes was about to throw this away, so we brought it home.

 Jake took it apart.

Sanded and primed all the pieces.


  Tested the paint color.

 Painted the pieces.

 Started on the wheels.

 Sanded out the imperfections.

Prepared the spokes for the blue rims;
 yes that is a wheel being worked on in my living room.

Before & After


My favorite part is the blue rims,
or maybe my baby boy feeling success.
or that he named it Rusty.

As for me, I learned how to bake real old fashioned homemade bread.


  1. I might need your bread recipe! Looks like a fun summer!

  2. I baked about 2 dozen loaves before finally getting this one. It turned out perfect the first time.
    I used whole wheat bread flour. Enjoy your travels.