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26 June 2010

Full Time Living Part Time Work

I kayak through the marsh, training for the Folly Beach Challenge 2010 (Triathlon) in October.

I'm looking for any sign of oil weaseling into my paradise. And then I shudder because I'll find what I'm looking for, I always do, but then what?

Keep in mind I'm paranoid, but I saw what I thought was an oily film on the still water of the marsh, and a few globs.  Then, I noticed 2 or 3 little blue crabs floating in that same mess.

In an unrelated observation a week later, 2 big blue crabs floating upside down by the dock (6/25/2010).

These could be normal occurrences.  I'm observing now.

The more I practice meditation, the more the fibers inside me ache when I think of the destructive nature of men and greed. My own destructive guilt is in the past, for if I had to face the harm I've inflicted on life, I couldn't look. In this moment though, life is.

I have faith in Nature's rehabilitative techniques. She will prevail.
My shell will not last, but I will.

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