27 January 2015

The gift of knowing

Distracted on Pinterest, uninspired by the same pumpkin desserts, literary quotes, and Lotus Flower shaped lockets I’ve told cyber space I care about, I said to Abbey, “this world’s a funny place.”
She said, “Elaborate.”
“Funny...” I said, “so many choices and directions, so many people and ideas trying to shape us. We’re being inundated with arrows pointing us in one direction or another.  Even worse, we don’t pay any attention to what we believe when we choose the direction.  We follow smells, and lights, and sounds and...”
She chuckled.  “It’s not that hard, mom.  There’s only two choices: good and bad.”
“Not everyone agrees about what is good and bad,” I said.
“Is murder good or bad,” she asked. 
“Bad, of course.” I say, with a “but…” hanging on my tongue.
She interrupts.  “Is helping the homeless good or bad?”
“Well, not everyone thinks helping the homeless is good.” I start.
She interrupts.  “Is helping the homeless good or bad Mom? There’s only one answer!”
“Well, not every…”
She raises her voice.  “Well then those people are idiots.  It’s that simple.”

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