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17 September 2011

Good People.

I have some friends who have people.  You know, cleaning people, hair people, financial people, insurance people.  George used to have errand people.  I often wish I had some people.  Yesterday, I did.

Jake plays baseball now.  

Last night on the way to practice I asked him where his glasses were.  He thought for a minute, and very confidently told me they were in his desk at school, right where he left them.  Lucky for him, Abbey left all of her school clothes in a bag at the gym after volleyball. 

So we dropped Jake off at practice, and Abbey and I headed back down town.  First, we called Christy (the volleyball coach) to see if anyone was still at the gym.  She was still there, but ready to leave to have dinner with her family.  She didn't see the Steelers duffel bag anywhere.
Abbey called Ansley who had picked up the bag in an attempt to help.  After many phone calls and mixed communication.  Ansley gave the bag to Christy, and the coach brought the bag from the gym to the school - where we were headed for Jake's glasses.   We found the glasses, retrieved the bag, and headed off to Jake's practice.
Abbey and I discussed how many people needed to get involved to fix our problems.

We delivered Jake's glasses and he could again see the ball. 

Jake's coaches are these 3 really great guys, all positive, all encouraging, all showing special interest in Jake's success.

At the end of practice, Jake's glasses were missing again.  At 7:30, dusk falling, the coaches, their sons, a few other players, Jake, Abbey and I all began the search again.  Jake's tiny black rimmed glasses were somewhere between the red clay and the plush grass.  With the stadium lights out and the last of the sun setting, we were out of luck. 

Coach Robert and his brother Mike wouldn't give up though.  They grabbed a flashlight, retracing Jake's steps to the water fountain and the woods where he went to the bathroom (which incidentally weren't woods at all, but someone's shrubs in their back yard.)  Still no glasses.

It was dark now and it was Friday night.  I was finished.  I thanked everyone for their efforts, but we surrendered. 

Coach Ray offered to go back in the morning and look again.  I thanked him for the kind offer.

Again on the way home, Abbey and I discussed the ridiculousness of the amount of people involved in our lack of responsibility.

We went to bed and I did some financial calculations in an effort to order new glasses at the beginning of the week.

At 8:30 on Saturday morning, Coach Ray's wife Linn called .  They went over to the field and found Jake's glasses.  They were even willing to deliver them to me.

Who are these people?  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I just rolled out of bed and this family had at the crack of dawn combed the baseball field and found my son's glasses. 

Grateful?  I think yes.  Inspired?  For sure.  Hopeful about humanity?  Indeed.

I know some good people in Charleston.

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