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26 August 2010

Dead to Myself

I surrender to the lies.  I will not buy into creating an image based me.  I am dead to myself and alive in service love.  In this new life, as I care less about beauty and accumulation of possessions,  I find more beauty, and my needs are met through peace, love and joy.  As I try to deny myself I find contentment.  I look in the mirror without complaint and with acceptance.  I pass by the shelves in the market place for the horizon of blue herons and egrets, palms and pluff mud.  I stop asking God to stay with me wherever I go and I start going wherever God wants me too.

I will not believe the lie that
...bigger is better.
...stuff means anything about me. is what a supermodel achieves.
...God blesses America above others.
...power, corruption and greed are acceptable and necessary for success.
...God wants me to have all this stuff.
...I need to defy death, (truth: God did that for me.)
...convenient is good.
...more is necessary.

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